Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week #1

Received our first letter today from our Elder.
Here it is:

Wow! This has been quite a week! The first 3 days were quite and adventure and lots of information given. They seemed to pass by so slow but now days are just blending together. Spanish is used all the time and I´m already catching on. Each day here we learn about as much as you would in a week of a regular academic Spanish class. I´m already able to give basic prayers, testimonies, and conversations. The second day here I got assigned as District Leader, which was a lot to take in.But its not that bad.I'm in a trio right now and its pretty awesome. Elder Brayton (from South Carolina) and Elder Shelton (from Virginia) are awesome guys and we get along so well. Both of them, another Elder companionship and a Hermana companionship in our district are going to Antofagasta!! Two of them are from Mesa but I didn't know them before. Our zone overall is pretty awesome, we are like our own branch pretty much.

Its so amazing here! I've felt the spirit so much here. At times its overwhelming about how much they throw at you and you feel like giving up but that's when you have to realize your purpose and know that Heavenly Father will bless you as you obey. Obedience is stressed so much here. There's the regular missionary handbook rules and then there's specifics for the CCM (Spanish for MTC) and we have to remember that " obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles". So sometimes the rules seem tedious but I sure do need a miracle to learn Spanish. Theres so much more I want to say but I would be here all day trying to type it out. Happy Thanksgiving, much love...

Elder Eagar

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