Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week #6

Well I made it here! I am serving here in Copiapo! It´s about 8 hours south of Antofagasta. My trainer for the next 3 months is Elder Fuller. He´s from Idaho, seems like things will be great!!! I don´t have really much else to share...just got to get to work. Also it just seems like Arizona here in Copiapo. Don't have much time this week to write but my P-day will be Monday. I´m glad to hear from everyone and sorry I can´t respond that much this week. Happy new years! hope everyone the best!!! Off to work!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Eagar

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Contact information for Elder Eagar

Letters or Packages

Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

MisiĆ³n Chile Antofagasta

Casilla de Correo 70



If sending letters or packages- Mission office suggests US Postal Services. This will take 2-8 weeks for arrival.  Holidays can be longer.

Elder Eagar has arrived!

We are pleased to inform you of the safe arrival of Elder Grant Arthur Eagar in the Chile Antofagasta Mission. We are thrilled to have Elder Eagar serving here with us.  It was a pleasure to greet him at the airport today and spend some time getting to know him.--Hermana Dalton

Monday, December 28, 2015

Elder on the Move....

Well today Elder Eagar heads to Antofagasta, Chile. He will be leaving the CCM around 3pm today and have a nine hour flight to Santiago Chile. From there he will then board a smaller plane and fly from Santiago Chile up to Antofagasta. That flight should only be  2 hours. He then will report to the Mission President. Some where down the line we should either be getting a phone call or email to tell of his arrival to his mission.

Elder Eagar called on Christmas. He sounded so good. He is loving his time at the CCM but is so excited to leave and meet new people in his mission.  As the mom of course, I cried a bit but I was so impress with how his testimony has grown and how he has turned into such an amazing young man. I have always been so proud to be able to call him my son. This new adventure is just icing on the cake. Love that boy of mine so much!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week #5

My goodness, I can´t believe my time here at the CCM is almost over. There´s not much to really talk about since this last week has been about getting ready to leave. My district is real sad that we´ll be parting ways but it´s for the better!! Other than that, I´ll be leaving here Monday the 28th in the evening and arriving to my mission sometime in the afternoon on the 29th. I am extremely excited for that but also very nervous for the things ahead. You just gotta have faith, as George Micheal's would say.

Its crazy to think that Christmas is just 2 days away, here we´re in our own bubble so it just feels normal. But I am very excited that I get to celebrate the Saviors birth here at this time. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he is our Savior. I have felt his comfort and strength in my life. I am so excited to tell the people of Chile next week about this. I hope that everyone has a moy Feliz Navidad. 

Love EE

Elder Eagar with Elder Josh Rolph
This Elder was so nice to deliver a special Christmas gift to Grant for me!

Mexico City Temple

Companion at the Temple

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week #4- Photo

Picture of Zone before they left to their missions.

Week #4

Wow, time fly´s when you´re serving the Lord! Things are going well here at the CCM. The weather here is comparable to Arizona during the winter. Cold in the morning but nice and warm by the afternoon. This past week we had 78 people leave, which was half the CCM. So right now its pretty empty with less than 80 missionaries here. Our zone has pretty much dissolved with us being the only district left. It feels real empty here. In other news, using Spanish is just coming with time. I´ve been trying to improve my grammar so I don´t sound like an idiot when I talk. Spanish is different to English in a few ways but also easier since you don´t have to use many in-between-words if you understand what I´m saying. My district is still awesome, we feel like we´ve known each other for years, since we see each other all the time. We´re getting really excited to leave to our missions but we know we´ll miss each other. Other than that life just goes on here at the CCM...

For a spiritual reflection...this past week there was a couple things I had been praying and looking for to have, or receive an answer to. Well while reading in the scriptures in the morning the spirit was overwhelming and I received what I was looking for. And I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. That as you search and read the scriptures it allows for personal revelation to come. And most importantly it allows you to come closer to Christ. 

I´m grateful for all the love, support, and prayers! I hope to hear more from y'all!!!

Love EE

Beautiful Sunsets

 @ CCM

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Week #3

To whom it may concern,

I would like to apologize in advance, my English, especially grammar and spelling is starting to tank because of all this Espanol. Life is going pretty well here at the CCM. Its staring to get empty since about 50 or more people leave each week and not many people come during the holidays..oh well, just means more pizza for us on Tuesday (pizza night). After this week its just our district and the new people that showed up yesterday, for our zone. There's other zones here but that's the smallest our zone has been since I've been here. Other than that, things are going great. Since our trio was split up, my Spanish has been improving so much because Elder Shelton lead most of the lesson beforehand (he took 4 years of Spanish). Now, Elder Brayton and I have to lead lessons which its improving our Spanish. Sitting in class all day is starting to become a drag but that's all I have to complain about. I'm excited to get into the field. Our district has been getting sick, except me. There's some viral respiratory things going around and two companionship's in our district have gotten Bronchitis and Laryngitis. But I take my vitamins so I'm good. Can't believe its already been over 3 weeks here.  
This last Sunday we got to watch the John Tanner movie. It is extremely powerful. The faith that that man had is undeniable. I was truly touched by his example. I learned from him to never doubt the Lord. He never did, and even though he went through so many trials and hardships, his faith and dedication to the Church will never be questioned. He literally gave everything he owned and had to progress the Church in its early financial years. I only hope to be that faithful and converted unto the Lord.

Thank you so much for all the emails that have been sent, and hope you enjoy this.

Love, EE

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Flat Christmas Tree...

We made a Tree for our Elder last night!

It was fun and the kids loved coloring all of the ornaments! I am mailing it today hopefully he will get in time for Christmas. I am praying it will. 
Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks in the MTC for Grant. It's hard to believe its going by so fast. Just another 2 week and we will get a phone call! YAY!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week #2

Week 2

Buenos tardes! Can't believe its been two weeks already! Life here at the CCM isn't to shabby...although the food is starting to become repetitive. Sadly our trio which was receiving a reputation as the 'Fantistico Trio!', was split up. Elder Stradling was transferred to Provo and Elder Shelton became assign to his old companion, so now it's Elder Brayton and I as companions. Being a District Leader isn't bad at all, kinda fun actually. Our Zone Leaders are heading to the field next week so its possible I might get called to that position...ya'll find out next week. Spanish just keeps coming, we're teaching 'investigators' each day and even though they're not real investigators the spirit we feel and are lead by is. My district is awesome and even our zone is. We get along so well compared to other groups. Also this week I was able to give my first blessing to one of the Hermana's who was was a neat experience. Oh yeah, sobre-nombres (Spanish for nickname) are given to me quite frequently. Some include, La Machina, Mr Incredible, Buzz Lightyear, Po from Kung fu Panda, and Andy Dwyer. We're all having a good time.

Tuesday night we had a prerecorded devotional from Elder Bednar, and it was great. His main focus was about forgetting yourself and how Christ whenever he was faced with pain, trials, and temptation, he focused outwards instead of inwards. It was pretty powerful and really to much to share. I know what I'm doing is right and I can feel and have seen the Lord bless me.

Thank you to everyone who's sent messages, I enjoy them and hope for more.

Much love, Elder Eagar

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week #1

Received our first letter today from our Elder.
Here it is:

Wow! This has been quite a week! The first 3 days were quite and adventure and lots of information given. They seemed to pass by so slow but now days are just blending together. Spanish is used all the time and I´m already catching on. Each day here we learn about as much as you would in a week of a regular academic Spanish class. I´m already able to give basic prayers, testimonies, and conversations. The second day here I got assigned as District Leader, which was a lot to take in.But its not that bad.I'm in a trio right now and its pretty awesome. Elder Brayton (from South Carolina) and Elder Shelton (from Virginia) are awesome guys and we get along so well. Both of them, another Elder companionship and a Hermana companionship in our district are going to Antofagasta!! Two of them are from Mesa but I didn't know them before. Our zone overall is pretty awesome, we are like our own branch pretty much.

Its so amazing here! I've felt the spirit so much here. At times its overwhelming about how much they throw at you and you feel like giving up but that's when you have to realize your purpose and know that Heavenly Father will bless you as you obey. Obedience is stressed so much here. There's the regular missionary handbook rules and then there's specifics for the CCM (Spanish for MTC) and we have to remember that " obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles". So sometimes the rules seem tedious but I sure do need a miracle to learn Spanish. Theres so much more I want to say but I would be here all day trying to type it out. Happy Thanksgiving, much love...

Elder Eagar

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nov. 18th 2015

Grant left for the Mexico City MTC on November 18th to serve a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is doing well and arrived safely.
Not much else from him yet. We will post more to come about his adventures on his mission. 
We are so happy you are preaching the gospel. You have a beautiful testimony and are so proud of your decision to serve your Heavenly Father!
 Mom and Dad