Monday, December 26, 2016

Wk #58

Week 9 in Mejillones!!!

First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I did, it was quite an interesting week! It was actually pretty difficult in the terms of doing missionary work! A lot of people have started heading out for vacations and with the holidays it can be real tuff! But its all good and there's still a ton of stuff to do! But Friday was quite fun while we had a Christmas devotional with the mission president and his family! It was real good plus we had ice-cream and a movie!!!!! We saw The Croods! It was fun to watch! Our baptism for this week fell through, some stuff happened in her family and it just didn't go through... but everything is still good! Other than that Skyping was great yesterday!! Thank you to those that we´re there and it was wonderful to talk to you!!!

Something I want to share real quick is something that our mission president shared with us on Friday. Some of what he was talking about is that in life we make new beginnings. We start something new like leaving to serve on a mission, or making the choice to be baptized, getting married, big choices like that. Times when we make crucial changes in our lives for the better. And that afterwards when everything is said and done, we cant turn back. We cant go back to what we used to be. Everything that we have accomplished up to this moment can´t be in vain. So this being the last week of 2016, I want to invite everyone to look back on what you´ve done the past year. See what changes have happened and see what needs to improve. In life we make mistakes, but when we choose to follow Christ, and use His atonement. We can make changes and become better, and once we do that, we cant look back. We got to keep going and pushing forward so we don't fall back again. Les espero una semana buena con mucho amor y cariño!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
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Hey Hey!!!!

Just came off a good week here in Mejillones! Lots of work to do and lots of souls to save!!!! We´ve been seeing a lot of success here the past few weeks! I think I might say that every week but its true!! The Lord gives us many blessings and I have seen many here during my time! I don't have much to say for this week just that I´m excited for this weekend! We´ll be having a Christmas conference Friday, a baptism Saturday, and Sunday is Christmas with a Skype call!!!!!! Yep we got a lot coming up this week and its gonna be fun! It´s been great these past week with all the Christmas feel in the air but it really has given time to reflect on Jesus Christ and His birth. Also on his life and the Godly example He has given us. I know He lives and this is His church. I hope you all enjoy this next week and can always remember Christ.

Con Amor,
Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

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Elder Recca dressed as santa for a primary activity!!!!!
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I got glasses now..... but they help alot!!!!!


Week 7 in Mejillones!!!!!!


Well another week in the deserts of Chile has come to an end! Last week went pretty well! I picked up my new companion Elder Clark!!! He´s a great guy from non other than......Utah!!!! Yep, what the members down here call, ¨La Fabrica¨  (The Factory)!!!!! But he´s a great Elder with just about 5 months in the mission. He was actually companions in the MTC with Elder Montgomery who I trained so it´s kind of fun...tell stories and share stuff like that. Well other than that we´ve been working alot here to find some more people to teach. But in just the past week we´ve found about almost 20 new people which has been quite a blessing!!!! Here in Chile the weather is getting warmer so I hope everyone back home is enjoying a nice cool winter! Other than that, not much happened last week but in my link theres some good fotos from the Branch Christmas party that we were in charge off!!!! Hope you all are well and enjoying the Christmas season!!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

"Contrary to the world’s secular teaching, the scriptures teach us that we do have agency, and our righteous exercise of agency always makes a difference in the opportunities we have and our ability to act upon them and progress eternally."
—Robert D. Hales

Wk #55

Week 6 in Mejillones!!!!!

This past week was just spectacular!!!!!!! We had a lot of success in Mejillones and we saw the blessings of our hard work!!!! Saturday we had the baptism of 5 of our investigators!!!!!!! Then sunday another one got baptized!!!! All in all it was just a great weekend!!!!! Elder Sheridan and I really have seen many miracles and blessings during our time here in Mejillones! But this transfer just ended and Elder Sheridan will be leaving.... he´s going to Calama to be a district leader and a trainer!!!!! Im real excited for him and I know he has a good future ahead of him in the mission!! My new companion will be Elder Clark!!!! I new him in Arica and we should have a fun time ahead of us!!!!! I dont have much time to write this week since our computer time has been shortened to an hour now but till next week!!

--  Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

Week #54

Week 5 in Mejillones!!!!!

Hola mis queridos!! 

This past week we had alot of success here in Mejillones!! This place is the promised land!!!! This past week we had the baptism of Brayan and Yamileth!!!! It was super awesome!!!! This week her brother and mom will be getting baptized too!!! We´re really excited for them!!! We have really seen alot of blessings here because of our faith and obedience I believe. 

I don't have much time today but I want to tell a cool story before I go! The past week we found a cool family that at first we really didn't know what would happen with them or if they were really interested. Well Sunday morning when we went to look for them for church and when we asked them if they wanted to go, they were like ¨yeah, we´ll go to church with you¨!!!! And they did!!!!! So after church we stopped by there house and asked them if they want to get baptized and they said yes!!! So today we´re gonna stop by and see if they want to do it this saturday!!!! They´re very special and I feel that they are ¨escogido del Señor¨!! 

Well we have alot of work ahead of us this week because this Friday we´ll know if someone will go, yes transfers are coming..... Love you all and hope you have a very good week!!
 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

P-Day BBQ on the Beach!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #53

Week 4 in Mejillones


This past week was just great!!! I usually say that about every week but its true, you cant beat saving souls! This week went by very good and we saw alot of miracles!!!! I belive we had around 7 or so interviews with our investigators! Mejillones is just great!! So many people that are ready for the gospel! Saturday was awesome but also stressful! We had 2 baptisms! One for a lady called Karina and another kid named Yerbek! Yerbek was quite funny cause we had to go to his house early to pick him up early (about an hour), so we arived and his mom said he was out at the beach... so with an hour to spare Elder Sheridan and I walked the entire beach of Mejillones looking for this kid. Tie and all with people staring at us!! We didnt find him. So we arrived at the church (its right in front of the beach) and we got a call from his mom that he arrived home and was changing clothes!!! So he showed up a little late but he got baptized!!! It was a great service!

Also yesterday was also a great day!!! Something that we do here is that sunday mornings we do splits with the other elders. So during the first two hours of church, (sacrament is last) two elders stay in the church and teach classes or stay with investigator while the other two are out looking for investigators!! We´ve seen alot of success from this because most Chilenos like to sleep in and miss church, but when theres a will, theres a way!! My motto for the mission has been ¨Haga todo lo que es imposible.¨ and really when we put our faith and trust in the Lord and we do everything we possible can, he will provide and do the impossible for us.

This week should be good! We have two baptisms for sure this Saturday and there´s possible two others that might join along! We just got to see their progress and see if they´re ready!! I still cant belive how fast the time has gone but I´m just trying to enjoy every moment of it as I can! Love you all and hope you enjoy some turkey this weekend!!! Con Amor,

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
"It is seldom the Lord will do something for us that we can do for ourselves. The Lord does help when we go to Him in times of need, especially when we are committed to His work and respond to His will. But the Lord only helps those who are willing to help themselves. He expects His children to be self-reliant to the degree they can be."

—L. Tom Perry
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Week #52

Week 3 in Mejillones!!! Year mark....... :D


This past week was excellent!!! I love it here in Mejillones!!! The work is just moving along great!!! As I´ve said in past letters, we have a ton of people to teach!! Its quite humbling the people we teach here because we focus mostly in the tomas (poorish area). Most of these people don't have much and it makes them very receptive to listen to us!! Just about everyday we find at least 2 new people to teach and we put on average at least 1 baptismal date each day. There are many people that are willing to accept Jesus Christ and receive the blessings of the gospel here! We just got to get them to church on Sundays!! That's the hard part!!! 

Things are going great with Elder Sheridan! He´s a great elder that really gives it his all. Its real fun sharing the house and the city with two other missionaries!!! We´re on splits lots of times because Elder Santos does interviews for our investigators and I do them for his! Since we´re over an hour away President gave permission to be able to do baptismal interviews for the other elders! We do a lot of stuff with the other elders so it´s almost like I have 2 other companions! Its fun though, like in the mornings we go running on beach for our exercises!!!

Well there was a lot of things that happened last week and I really cant remember something specific but next week I will send a great story and also some baptism photos! This week we will be having a baptism with possibly with 2 or 3 people!! 

Con amor,

Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

"A stumbling block can be anything that distracts us from achieving righteous goals. We cannot afford to have our testimonies of the Father and the Son become confused and complicated by stumbling blocks. We cannot fall into that trap."
—Quentin L. Cook

This is Elder Santos, super awesome Elder.
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Week 2 in Mejillones!!

This past week was just great!! The time here is just flying by!!! There is a ton of work here in Mejillones!!!! We've seen a lot of miracles the past week and we have found many people that are ready for the gospel!! As of right now, we have 16 people with baptismal dates for this month so we keep ourselves quite busy around here!!!! Things are great with Elder Sheridan, he keeps me in-line and out of trouble!! One of the cool things this past week, is that I was able to have lunch with President Ferreira 2 times!!! Its great being around him and he´s also a pretty funny guy!! Well I don't have much time this week but til next time.....

Con Amor,

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar



First week in Mejillones ( Meh-e-yo-nehs) !!!!! Happy Halloween!!


Man I got a lot to say for this week!! First off this area that I´m in is just dope!! Its about an hour outside of Antofagasta and its basically a small port-city! Its real cool cause we just always see the ocean and there's always a nice cool breeze going!! Plus its just has like a cool vibe here! I'm in a branch again and I really like it! This past Sunday was interesting since there was only 25 people there and I had to teach Gospel Principles, bless the sacrament, and give a 15 min talk for sacrament!! I really like this area because it has something called, tomas. This is my first sector with them but they´re awesome! You find some of the most humble people in the tomas. So basically what they are is that there is just a bunch of desert here so people just build house out of what they can find. Extra plywood, palates, tin, and that's about it with a cement floor. We focus most of our work there and as of right now we have about 10 people with baptismal dates in just the tomas!!! This past week was intense because I believe it was the first time in my mission that we put a baptismal date just about each day we worked!!! We also found about 20 new people to teach which was just great!!!

As for my companion Elder Sheridan, he´s a great dude! He works hard and has a great desire for this work! Hes from California but lives in Texas now. Hes a strait-up baller in basketball! He´ll be playing for Illinois Tech after the mission! I´m also living with two other elders, Elder Santos and Elder Recca! E´ Santos is from Brazil and is the old assistant to the president who will be finishing up his mission here I think. E´ Recca is a super cool dude from Hawaii!!! He´s huge! But I love him since he is always sharing food! At times our pension is crazy but its great!!

Hopefully we´ll be having a couple baptisms this weekend but for the month of October our mission had 118 baptisms!!!! something that hasn't happened for a long time!!! So everyone is pretty happy in the mission!!!

Well I´ll be attaching some cool pictures today along with some of the awesome people I left in Arica!! Thank you for everything and til next week!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar


Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #49

Ultimo Semana en Valle Azapa!! Voy ser Padrastro!! Mi Hijito va ser Lider de Zona!!!!

(Last week in Valle Azapa !! I will be Stepfather !! My little son will be Zone Leader !!!!)
I´ll be making this very short because its Tuesday and I really don't have time, haha. Well last week Matias got baptized!!!!!!  It was great!! I´ll have pictures next week!! Also we received cambios!!!! Im now in Mejillones!! its a city that's an hour outside of Antofagasta!!! Its super cool here since its right up against the shore and I´ll be definitely sending more pictures!!! I´ll be here training again but really just finishing it up since my new companion Elder Sheridan has 6 weeks in the field. I´ll be what is called a ´padrastro´ (stepdad)!!! And my other son, Elder Montgomery is going to be a Zone Leader!!!!!! It was pretty crazy when president called us and assigned him to that!!!  Well I got souls to save so til Monday!!!!
 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

Week #48

Week 17 in Valle Azapa!!!!


The past week was great!! Most of Tuesday was spent changing apartments which was quite fun!!!....But our new place is great, very clean, new and it has a brand new hot water heater that always works!!!!! I´ll share some photos next week. Other than that the week has gone by like no other!! This week we should be seing the baptism of a kid named Matias! As they say here in Chile he´s a ¨cabro chico¨(little goat) which just means little kid but its a funny phrase to say!! But he´s a funny little guy that lives with his grandma (she´s a member) and his uncle´s (there like his same age, 10-13, kinda weird but it happens in life). So that´ll make this weekend alot funner!! Other than that, this Friday we´ll be getting transfers so if next monday you dont get an email, its quite possible I´m on a bus to a different part of the mission! Elder Montgomery and I are anxious to see what´ll happen, its been quite an experience the past 12 weeks being with him, doing the training program he has and just seeing all the energy that the new guys have! Its been quite a ride and we´ve both learned a lot from each other so it´ll be interesting to see what happens this weekend!!

Real quick I just want to share an experience. So the past two weeks we´ve had the oportunity to talk with some other ´missionaries´ that are from and another church and also Mexico. Its been quite interesting to say the least becuase we  try not to get into a ´bible debate´ or argue over docrine with these guys. Its also nice because we do it in the home of a member that is just a stud and helps alot with explaining different things. But to not go into too much detail, its been really awesome becuase I just feel as we testify and teach to them about the Book of Mormon and the Restored gospel of how true it is!!! It just strengthens my testimony and makes me know for a surity, that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church of God here on the earth at this time. That it was restored by a prophet of God named Joseph Smith. That today on the earth we have the holy priesthood to save souls and bind families for all of eternity. The greatest thing of all of this is that every person in the world can know of this for themselves and it comes from just reading a book. The Book of Mormon. A book that I know is true from reading and praying. I´ve read it many times now and I have no doubt that it isn´t true, something so incredible. So I invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon and know for themselves that it is true! And I share this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Well, I forgot to mention an awesome story of how we almost got into a shooting with some street thugs last night walking to our new pension but I´ll share that next week if I remember!! Thank you for all you love and support!!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
(A member made this cool video about how bastian became a member by being invited to church!!! Some might not understand but atleast you can see me in it!!!!)​

"I testify of the power of our covenants and the blessings of the temple. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I cannot explain the power of this great book. I only know that, coupled with prayer, the Book of Mormon carries the power to protect families, strengthen relationships, and give personal confidence before the Lord."
—Linda S. Reeves

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Piano Playing....

One new skill that Elder Eagar has taken back up is Playing the Piano!

Week #47

Week 16 in Valle Azapa!!!

Hola mis queridos!!!!

This past week was just spectacular!!!! Doing missionary work is just great!!! This past week we just put our shoulder to the wheel and killed it!!!! With our new mission president, our expectations as a mission has really been exceled!! So Elder Montgomery with his awesome newbie energy and I just worked our tails off until Sunday until we were just exhausted physically and mentally! Its a great feeling as a missionary!!

Well Bastian was baptized Saturday!!! It was awesome since he asked me to do it!! Even better a ton of his family and friends came to see it so half the people in the service weren't even members!!! I guess that's how it should be!! But it really was a special experience since that same day was the funeral of Grandma Goodman (my great grandma), so technically I has able to witness the funeral of the 'sinful life' of someone and see him enter into the beautiful saving covenant of baptism!!!!!!! 

Well all I can say from after this week is that the work of the Lord is just incredible, very tiring but so worth it after seeing, feeling, and being a part of bringing others unto the knowledge of there Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve and it's just ridiculous how fast it fly's by!! Hopefully this week we'll have another baptism of an old lady who is 75 years old!!! Its gonna be fun!!

Thank for all the love and support from everyone and I hope you all have a good week!!!  

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

I got tired of seeing everyone play Pokemon go, so I decided to play real-life Pokemon go!!! I was able to catch a squirtle and a pidgey!!!!


Week 15 in Valle Azapa!!!


Oh man, this past week was just stellar!! Elder Montgomery and I put in some work before conference that really made the week!! Im going to have to make this letter short because my original one for today got deleted so I don't have much time to rewrite everything. But in short, our investigator Bastian had his interview and will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! We are so excited for him!!!! I had an exchange with my good buddy Elder Palpa, and super cool Peruvian that reminds me of a smurf. I love that guy and he teaches like a boss. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates during our exchange!!! Also General Conference was just great!!! I was able to watch a session in Spanish but the rest in English. It makes a huge difference in English and makes me very grateful to know it!!

Real quick, I´d like to share my thoughts and testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I am truly grate that today in the restored church and gospel of Jesus Christ, we have this knowledge of Gods plan for us. I have the ability to know that I can be with my family forever. That when things happen in life like death, accidents, or tragedies, (I don't know how to spell that) I can know that greater things are to come. I know that I can see loved ones later on and that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can become a better and more perfect person. That each day I can repent and come one step closer to returning to my God. I know these things are true and I share them in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I hope you all are well and I´m sorry I accedently deleted my first message with had more love and detail......

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar


Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #45

Week 14 in Valle Azapa!!!


Well just got done with a good week. We had some good succes this past week! Things were pretty normal, just that our ward did a ward conference and we got put in charge of the activity ( I fogot to take pictures...). Well Elder Montgomery and I did a New Testament Jeopardy and it was pretty fun!! There was some good questions that no one could figure out!! Other than that tons of people went to church on sunday. I had an all time record for my mission of 91 people in church!! hahaha. Today was very relaxed except that we went and hiked a semi-mountain! Plus I brought along my kite I bought and it pretty much got lost.... I have videos and pictures to show... that was sad but we got some really good exercise!!

Well I promised a story for this week, soo, this past week we had a lesson with one of our investigators David. He´s a cool guy that we found just knocking his door!! So we´ve been teaching him for about 3 weeks or so and we´ve been reading parts of the Book of Mormon with him to really get his confidence up in reading. So last sunday we left him with the homework of starting the BofM from the beggining. Well we came back thursday and he READ!!!!! Even better, he kept reading more than what we left him with and afterwards looked up this living scriptures video ( cartoon nariation of the Book of Mormon) and shared it with his little daughter!!!! It was a great experience to see the progress in him and also his desire to know more and share!!! 

As for this week we got some good work ahead of us since we pretty much lose Saturday and Sunday with General Conference! Gen. Conf. is the best in the mission!!! Hope you all are good and enjoy your week!!!!

Con Amor,

"When we look to see the evidence of Creation all around us, from a grain of sand to the majestic planets, we begin to realize that we are the greatest of all God’s creations; we are created in His image. God created the earth in all its magnificent glory, not as an end in itself, but for us, His children. Indeed, we are His children, His offspring, and He is the Father of our spirits."
—M. Russell Ballard

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #44

Week 13 in Valle Azapa!!! ¡¡VIVA CHILE!! ¡18!

Well this past week was super hectic and just super great all in one!!!! Tuesday we left around midnight in a bus to go to a special conference in Antofagasta so that was around a 12 hour ride (there and back)! We were there all day wendsday and it was awesome seeing so many other missionary friends from around our mission!! Also the uplifting messages and meeting a Seventy(always a great experience)!! Something cool and funny is that my two old companions, Elder Ruiz and Mendoza, are both companion right now and are here in Arica!! ( It made the bus ride alot funner!!) So after this conference we made it back here to Arica again Thursday where we basically recovered but still worked!
SO for those that don´t know, the 18th of September is pretty much the 4th of July for Chile. Also the chilenos like to extend there festivites so basically Friday until today it has been pure barbques and fiestas!!!! I cannot describe how much I have eaten the past few days and the amount of food that is in our fridge... but there ain´t no one complaining about that ;) So really the past week was extremly hard to get in some good missionary work but not to get your stomach filled. But this week we´ll be putting in some big work as I really got about 5 weeks left here in Valle Azapa (...I think...) I hope you´re all well and next week I´ll try and share a cool teaching experience!!!!
Con Amor,

"The gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to change. “Repent” is its most frequent message, and repenting means giving up all of our practices—personal, family, ethnic, and national—that are contrary to the commandments of God. The purpose of the gospel is to transform common creatures into celestial citizens, and that requires change"

—Dallin H. Oaks


Week #43

Week 12 in Valle Azapa!!!!

Very interesting week! Really the beginning of the week was very normal, nothing very interesting happened. Until Friday..... Well once a month other missionaries that are our leaders come to inspect our pension and see if we are cleaning are our house isnt a mess. Well they forgot to mention to us that the president of the mission would come to do it personaly..... so I had gottten out of the shower and I was putting on my socks while I was in my underwear looking out the window when I saw a car pull up across the street, about 30 yards away. I figured, "yeah, it must be them in a taxi" so I continued putting on my socks but when I looked up again, I saw none other, than our president getting out of the car.... I really belive I broke a world record in "How Fast Can You Get Dressed". Actually afterwards my companion and I related this experience to Star Wars when Han and Leah walk in on Lando Calrissian (AKA Zone Leaders) with Darth Vader (President)!!!! Well President was quite apaled with our house to say the least.... ( he wouldnt let his wife enter the bathroom) and so you all know it has nothing to do with our cleanliness, just that the house is super old and falling apart!! So due to this it is quite possible we will be changing houses in the next few weeks... Im not to excited about it but Im fine with it. Also, the district Im in pretty much disolved so next transfer as I finish up the training with Elder Montgomery, I wont have to deal with the responsabilities of District leader, something that is somewhat nice.

Well this past week was great as far as the work!! Lot of help from the members and we had a activity with the ward which awesome since a good bit of members showed up and all of them said its one of best they have had!! (we did a Jeopardy with the scriptures) Also a lot of people we've been working with are getting more and more ready and I feel that as we finish up these next 6 weeks in Arica we'll be seeing many fruits from our labors!!!

Love you all and take care!!!!!

Con mucho amor,


Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #42

Week 11 in Valle Azapa!!!!! (Gran bendiciones!!!Great Blessings)


Man!!!! One of the greatest weeks!!! So many blessings this week!!!! Its crazy how much missionaries are loved!!! To start it off last Monday one of our members did a surprise Family Home Evening with one of her neighbors which was great since we had nothing to do! Tuesday was great because during an exchange with Elder Vannatter, we had a lesson with Bastian ( a teenager that has been assisting the church here for like a month) and all of his family!! His mom is ¨catholic¨ ( just like every other chileno) but is totally fine with him and possibly even her daughter to be baptized and members!!! But it was very interesting during the lesson because she was showing more interest and asking questions than Bastian!! Entonces, ¡¡HAY BAUTISMO!! (Then, There's a Baptism)

Wendsday was a regular day but thursday, the heavens opened up and literally poured us blessings!!! To give some backstory, when I first got her to Arica our house didnt have hot water. So for the past 70 days or so its been very difficult to get up in the morning and carry on in the work. Well the reason why was do to the fact that a plummer, came and did an ¨inspection¨ on our califont (basically a 6 liter boxed water heater) and said it had a problem to where it was just better to buy a new one. Even worse is that our mission office doesn't have contact with the owner of our house so we have basically been stuck with this problem due to that. Well after resurfacing problems with the office and owner and also being sick of cold water, I decided to be like Nephi when his bow broke and I did my own ¨inspection¨. After borrowing some tools and half an hour I found a broken wire, the cause of so much suffering, in the califont. We found a replacement and there was much rejoicing Thursday along with shouts of ¡¡¡AGUA CALIENTE( Hot Water)!!! in Arica Chile!!! After that the week just got better as I recieved a package from home which was spectacularly filled con mucho cariño y goodies!!!!!!(with Love and Goodies!!)

So I really want to testify that the Lord knows each of His children. The past while I´ve really been struggling or really just in a plateau and the Lord has just really shown his love. And this love is for each and everyone of us and especially more when we fight to keep his commandments and guard our covenants we´ve made with him. I know this church is true and hope you all can really see and recieve all the blessings the Father has in store for you this week!

Con Amor,

"Don't camouflage who you are and what you believe. If others know what you believe, you will influence them for good. They will protect you."

—Quentin L. Cook

 Hand got in the way of fixing the hot water heater!
 Package from home!
 Letter from Mom!
 Fish Hook Tie Tack!
 Favorite Cereal!
 Favorite snacks!
 New PJ's
 Favorite Candy!
Letters from cousins!

Week #41

Week 10 in Valle Azapa!!!!!!!

Hola mis queridos!!!!!!!!

Well we had a great day this past week!!!!! We were able to find so really cool people that are truly ready to hear the gospel!!!!! I can really say we saw the Lords hand this past week in the sense of him guiding us in what to say and where to go!!!!! Insiration rocks!!!! Such a testimony builder for me!! Well today we went to the beach and played fútbol!!!!  Badnews, I got sunburnt pretty bad..... Elder Montgomery and I are starting to click now in the work so things are coming along great and things feel alot more smooth in what we do which is great. He really is a great example for me, he is super obedient to the point where he evens fastens his seatbelt in the taxis and stuff hahaha!!! Its great!! really gives me ganas (dont know what this is in english) to be even more obedient!! 

I really dont have much time to tell specific stories (something I´m bad at mentioning and sharing) but this past week another elder gave me over a 160 different talks from profets and apostles all the way back the the 60s and more and they´re awesome!!!! I incurage you all that this week you listen to a talk or other stuff from the profets and learn from the Lords mouthpieces!!!

Con Amor,

"Work hard to achieve your dreams. Don’t let discouragement or mistakes delay you. Move outside your comfort zones. Push yourselves. Expect more. You can move beyond the limitations set by ordinary men. Don’t let the low standards and expectations of the world and others cause you to aim beneath your nobility and ability—dream big!"

—Elaine S. Dalton

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week #40

Week 9 in Valle Azapa!!!! BAPTISM!!!

Oh my!!

Well this week was just great!!! There wasn't much excitement at the beginning of the week, just normal daily missionary stuff. This week we did a ¨semana blanca¨(White Week) where just focus on the work and don't talk about stuff from back home and at the end of the week we do a fast. It was hard but since we had a BAPTISM!!!! it mad things a lot easier!!!! Yep,Saturday Elder Montgomery experienced his first baptism as a missionary which was a touching moment as a Papito! More importantly Antonella who was baptized, enjoyed it a lot and it was really special because she has been waiting 3 years to do this!!! It was a special opportunity to be the Elders to be there when she could make this first step in the Gospel!!!

Other than that these first few weeks with Elder Montgomery we`ve seen a lot of difficulties and obstacles but now I feel we`ve passed through this trial of faith and we`ve seen the first of many more blessings to come!!!! Love you all and hope you`re well!!!

Con mucho amor,

"Even in the midst of great personal sorrow and pain, our Exemplar reached out to bless others. … His was not a life focused on the things he did not have. It was a life of reaching out in service to others."
—Howard W. Hunter