Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #53

Week 4 in Mejillones


This past week was just great!!! I usually say that about every week but its true, you cant beat saving souls! This week went by very good and we saw alot of miracles!!!! I belive we had around 7 or so interviews with our investigators! Mejillones is just great!! So many people that are ready for the gospel! Saturday was awesome but also stressful! We had 2 baptisms! One for a lady called Karina and another kid named Yerbek! Yerbek was quite funny cause we had to go to his house early to pick him up early (about an hour), so we arived and his mom said he was out at the beach... so with an hour to spare Elder Sheridan and I walked the entire beach of Mejillones looking for this kid. Tie and all with people staring at us!! We didnt find him. So we arrived at the church (its right in front of the beach) and we got a call from his mom that he arrived home and was changing clothes!!! So he showed up a little late but he got baptized!!! It was a great service!

Also yesterday was also a great day!!! Something that we do here is that sunday mornings we do splits with the other elders. So during the first two hours of church, (sacrament is last) two elders stay in the church and teach classes or stay with investigator while the other two are out looking for investigators!! We´ve seen alot of success from this because most Chilenos like to sleep in and miss church, but when theres a will, theres a way!! My motto for the mission has been ¨Haga todo lo que es imposible.¨ and really when we put our faith and trust in the Lord and we do everything we possible can, he will provide and do the impossible for us.

This week should be good! We have two baptisms for sure this Saturday and there´s possible two others that might join along! We just got to see their progress and see if they´re ready!! I still cant belive how fast the time has gone but I´m just trying to enjoy every moment of it as I can! Love you all and hope you enjoy some turkey this weekend!!! Con Amor,

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
"It is seldom the Lord will do something for us that we can do for ourselves. The Lord does help when we go to Him in times of need, especially when we are committed to His work and respond to His will. But the Lord only helps those who are willing to help themselves. He expects His children to be self-reliant to the degree they can be."

—L. Tom Perry
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  1. I believe my son just got made companions with your son. It sounds like they're doing great!