Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #19

Week 13 in Paipote!!!!

Oh my its been a wild week!!! First off Elder Fuller has some infection going on near his throat so he´s been on medication and stuff that's taken a lot out of him, so a lot of our week was him resting and trying to get better. But on Tuesday, William was baptized!!!!!! It was great and the pila bautismal (font) overflowed so that was fun cleaning up!! Then Thursday, Roberto and Lorena got married!!!!! It was awesome plus they had a lot of food afterwards. Then Saturday, Alfredo, Roberto and Lorena, and Jaime were baptized!!!!!!! It was so awesome!!!!!! Plus on Sunday, the men were able to receive there sacerdocio(Priesthood) !!!!!!! Its been awesome to see these people progress spiritually and to see the impact of the gospel en there lives! Don't have much time this week but I have plenty of pictures!!! 

Con Amor,


 Clean up of the Font!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Semana(Week) 12 en Paipote!!!

Wow, its been quite a week!!! Had a inter-cambio(exchange) in Tierra Amarilla, which was my first time leaving Paipote. It was quite awesome, I invited a man to be baptized, he said maybe at a later time because he doesn't like being part of the Testigos de Jehová (Jehovah Witness)which is pretty interesting. Hopefully the elders there can do help him more in the gospel. Also we´ve been so busy this week getting 5 interviews done!!!! Mi compañero e yo estamos tan feliz por este semana!!!!! (My companion and I are so happy for this week!!)We are going to be having 5 BAPTISMS!!!!!!!! For some of these people, we´ve been waiting a long time for this day!!! So this next week we are going to be very busy.

I don't have much time this week but I want to share a video that we´ve been sharing for about 3 weeks now with people. I also want to share my testimony that I know my Savior lives. I know that he died and then resurrected. That he suffered for all of us giving up his will, and his life so that we can live and return with our Heavenly Father for ever. Through Jesus Christ we can be free from any sin or pain that we have in this life. I KNOW HE LIVES. I share this in his name, Jesus Christ, amen.

Con amor, 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week #17


I´m writing a little earlier today since my companion needs to do some tramites(formalities) before he leaves to go back home!!! But yeah things are going great here in Chile!!! It rained on Saturday!!!,  which was pretty cool!!! Its also a little scary since the last time it rained here during this same time of the year, there was flooding and lots of stuff was destroyed... but ya, Elder Fuller and I are so excited for the rest of this month!! Yesterday there was a special broadcast for Chile and 6 of our investigators showed up!!!! It was quite a blessing from the Lord! 5 of these 6 have baptismal dates for this next week, so we are just TAN FELIZ(SO Happy)!!!! 

Well today I was reading this talk and it´s pretty great I left the link for it. Its crazy how so applicable this is as a missionary. And also if you're not also. But we are brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father, we got to see others as the same way Heavenly Father does. Its simple to say but its hard to do. But when we can look past ourselves and think of others, it will open a whole different perspective. Just like Jesus Christ. He knows us perfectly, and when we can try to develop and apply that same love that he has for us, to others, it will bring a joy so incredible into your life.

Con Amor,


 Rain!!! If you look closely there are drops on Gran't Pants!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #16

Week 10 in Paipote!!!

Oh my it´s been such a great week!!!!! Not much really exciting happened at the beginning of the week besides the usual missionary stuff like teaching and preaching but of my the end of the week was amazing!!!!! I had my first baptism!!! Karla, who we´ve been teaching since about the beginning of my time here was baptized this past Saturday!!! It´s been quite awesome to actually be part of this whole progress. We found her one day looking on the wrong street for someone, later we found out she speaks English and after spending a lot of time teaching, preparing, and waiting for summer vacation to end she was baptized!!! Its been quite a ride!!! We are so excited for her and the decision shes made. We are also pretty pumped for our other 4 baptisms this month!!!

Leading up to her baptism, there was a lot of adversity. Everyday I face adversity as a missionary. Nearly the whole time leading up to the baptism, except for the last 5 mins or so, there was just one thing after the other. Another obstical, another challenge. But the whole time I just had to keep reminding myself that things will workout, that the Lord was going to provide a way. And he did. He will always provide a way for us in this life. When we follow his commandments, we have his promise that he will help us. No tengo ninguna duda. 

Con Amor,