Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week #17


I´m writing a little earlier today since my companion needs to do some tramites(formalities) before he leaves to go back home!!! But yeah things are going great here in Chile!!! It rained on Saturday!!!,  which was pretty cool!!! Its also a little scary since the last time it rained here during this same time of the year, there was flooding and lots of stuff was destroyed... but ya, Elder Fuller and I are so excited for the rest of this month!! Yesterday there was a special broadcast for Chile and 6 of our investigators showed up!!!! It was quite a blessing from the Lord! 5 of these 6 have baptismal dates for this next week, so we are just TAN FELIZ(SO Happy)!!!! 

Well today I was reading this talk and it´s pretty great I left the link for it. Its crazy how so applicable this is as a missionary. And also if you're not also. But we are brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father, we got to see others as the same way Heavenly Father does. Its simple to say but its hard to do. But when we can look past ourselves and think of others, it will open a whole different perspective. Just like Jesus Christ. He knows us perfectly, and when we can try to develop and apply that same love that he has for us, to others, it will bring a joy so incredible into your life.

Con Amor,


 Rain!!! If you look closely there are drops on Gran't Pants!

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