Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #15

Week 9 in Paipote!!!
This past week has been quite great!! We have an investigator named Jaime and at first we didnt think much of him, like he would be someone that would just ask questions all the time and not really be someone to progress, but this guy is awesome!!! His been to church twice and this past week he accepted the invitation to be baptised later this month!!!!! We are so excited for him!!! Also this past week, here in Copiapo we had the special opportunity of listening to our current mission president and also the future mission president in Stake Conference!!! It was a spiritual powerhouse!! It is actually a once in a lifetime thing that never happens!!! Hopefully I´ll have pictures of that next week! Also this week we are so excited because Karla is going to be baptized!!!! So excited for her!!
One thing I want to share and I think that I´ve mentioned it in other emails but I want to talk about acting with faith. We had the special opportunity also this week of have an brodcast devotion with Elder Bednar. I can testify that he is a man called of God. I had many opportunities of listening to his devotionals during the past 4 months. And ever time I witness his power and authority as an Apostle. The principle of acting with faith is a favorite of his. And its a very basic principle. When we ask Heavenly Father for something we can just wait for something to happen. WE HAVE TO ACT. We tell this to all of our investigators. READ the Book of Mormon, then ACT with FAITH and PRAY. Then once you recive your answer, ACT. And a way for them to act is BAPTISM!!! My favorite thing as a missionary!! But always remember to ask in faith and act with that faith.
Con amor,

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week #14

Week 8 in Paipote


My it has been quite a week!!!! I really can´t recall much becuase of the past day. So Sunday morning at 3 in the morning we we´re woken up to a cat that got stuck in our pension. Then after that we went to church and it was a regular day. Well when we got back from church a member picked up to go eat lunch at his house. We were gone for 1 hour and a half. We came back and our pension had been robbed. They stole our gas, our microwave ( which is a favor since it is chanta), and my camera....estoy triste....but we are fine. Just dont expect to many pictures for a while. ;)

Besides that we are just getting ready for 4 baptisms, possibly 5 and un casarse (marriage)!!!!!
We are so excited!! I don´t have much time today because we had to deal with the stuff from yesterday. But this week we found this awesome lady named Alexandra. She was walking home with her groceries and we helped her and then shared a lesson about the Plan de Salvation. Well we came back yesterday between all the commotion and she had been reading and praying!!! Also she opened up and said that before we had helped her she had been praying to God for someone to help her in her life!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! Well thanks for all the birthday wishes and prayers and everything!!!!!
Con Amor


Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #13

Week 7 in Paipote!!!!!!!!!!!


Its been quite a week! It started of very slow. But around Thursday, we had so many milagros. So when I first got here to Paipote, my comp had 3 weeks here on a special transfer because they combined two sectors into one. Entonces, our sector is huge and pretty much Elder Fuller and I had to open up this sector when I arrived. So around Thursday with average success this week we decided to go to the other half of our sector. We wrote down alot of antiguo investigadores and left to go look for these people. Well we found alot of those people and have citas to go back and teach these people, but what I am really excited for is this family we found... So we were walking down this street and my comp heard a Katy Perry song playing. So we decided to stop and knock on the door and talk with these people. A long story short is the the lady invited us in. And she has 6 kids!!!!!!! Which is alot for here. So we shared a mormon mensaje with them, one which we never really shared before. She started crying and the spirit was so strong because she felt like that was specificaly for her and yeah it was awesome!! Also her daughter which is 18 I belive had so many questions about which church is true. So we gave her the restoration folleto and 3 chapters in el L de M. The next day we were walking in a street market thing and we saw the daughter again. She told us that she stayed most of the night reading the stuff we gave her!!! It was so awesome! Oh and I had to give a talk in church yesterday. It was quite interesting......


There was alot of great stuff that has happened this past week that I could talk about. But there is not enough tiempo. But I do want to share something. Yesterday I gave a talk about faith. I gained some insight as I prepared it. Faith is the first step in this gospel. Its a basic principle in every religion. But with faith you have to have action. If you pray to Heavenly Father in faith asking to recieve an answer, and you recieve an answer. You have to act. Otherwise its useless. As missionaries we pray so many times a day and ask for things such as "help us so that we can achieve our goals" or "help us to find a new person that we can teach". This means when these opportunities arise when Heavenly Father answers us. We have to act. I think there is a scripture in Ether about this but I dont remember specificaly it.


Thanks for the Happy Valentines and Birthday wishes. Hope the best for everyone!!!



Con Amor,



Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Week 6 In Paipote!!!!!!

Buenas!!!! It´s been quite a normal week here in Chile. Its been real hot here in Paipote the past few days. Expecially around 4 which is when we head out to work!! Entonces if we don´t have a cita at 4 that day, its gonna be long. But things havent been to bad and it cools down and gets pretty chilly around 9. Not really much else this week. I cant belive how comfortable im starting to get with Spanish. Its quite a milagro of how the Lord helps those that are in his service.


 We´ve really been trying to help our investigators progress this past week. Things such as making and keeping compromisos (dont know how to spell it in english) with investigators is so critical with them. If people dont do that, they´re not making those small changes in their lives that help them repent and progress towards baptism. Thats what the Atonement is. Repenting and making changes in your life so that you can qualify and be digno of the blessings of the Lord. Dont have much time this week but I wish the best to all!


Con amor



Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week #11

Week 4 in Paipote

Buenos!!! It´s been a good week here in Chile. It´s been a little hotter but not to bad. Spanish is going pretty well. Mi compañero and I have committed to talk more in Spanish during the day. A lot of people are still on vacation which makes things a little tough. We also only had 23 people in church yesterday. Things are a lot different from in the States but its all good. Sadly our Hermano William won´t be getting baptized this sabado. He drove all night from working in the mines to try to make it to church but had to pit-stop and sleep. Esta bien, he still has a strong desire for baptism so we´ll just need to wait til Marco. 

Being a missionary, one simple thing I´ve learned is to just be happy. It´s not really hard not to be. You might have to walk all day, your appointments might fall through, but guess what? I have a knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesucristo. También, I get to share this knowledge with others. This is quite applicable for anyone. You will have challenges and problems in life, but you also have a loving Padre Celestial. Who you can pray to, Who can help lift your spirit. As a missionary, we make commitment with personas. One we do all the time is oracion (prayer). It is such a simple action but can have such an impact. Think of José Smith. He had one simple prayer and it´s changed the world. I invite all to alway remember to pray, no matter how small or big. Also just be happy, life´s to short not to be. Love you all and I am so grateful for any email you send.

Con Amor,