Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #15

Week 9 in Paipote!!!
This past week has been quite great!! We have an investigator named Jaime and at first we didnt think much of him, like he would be someone that would just ask questions all the time and not really be someone to progress, but this guy is awesome!!! His been to church twice and this past week he accepted the invitation to be baptised later this month!!!!! We are so excited for him!!! Also this past week, here in Copiapo we had the special opportunity of listening to our current mission president and also the future mission president in Stake Conference!!! It was a spiritual powerhouse!! It is actually a once in a lifetime thing that never happens!!! Hopefully I´ll have pictures of that next week! Also this week we are so excited because Karla is going to be baptized!!!! So excited for her!!
One thing I want to share and I think that I´ve mentioned it in other emails but I want to talk about acting with faith. We had the special opportunity also this week of have an brodcast devotion with Elder Bednar. I can testify that he is a man called of God. I had many opportunities of listening to his devotionals during the past 4 months. And ever time I witness his power and authority as an Apostle. The principle of acting with faith is a favorite of his. And its a very basic principle. When we ask Heavenly Father for something we can just wait for something to happen. WE HAVE TO ACT. We tell this to all of our investigators. READ the Book of Mormon, then ACT with FAITH and PRAY. Then once you recive your answer, ACT. And a way for them to act is BAPTISM!!! My favorite thing as a missionary!! But always remember to ask in faith and act with that faith.
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