Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week #14

Week 8 in Paipote


My it has been quite a week!!!! I really can´t recall much becuase of the past day. So Sunday morning at 3 in the morning we we´re woken up to a cat that got stuck in our pension. Then after that we went to church and it was a regular day. Well when we got back from church a member picked up to go eat lunch at his house. We were gone for 1 hour and a half. We came back and our pension had been robbed. They stole our gas, our microwave ( which is a favor since it is chanta), and my camera....estoy triste....but we are fine. Just dont expect to many pictures for a while. ;)

Besides that we are just getting ready for 4 baptisms, possibly 5 and un casarse (marriage)!!!!!
We are so excited!! I don´t have much time today because we had to deal with the stuff from yesterday. But this week we found this awesome lady named Alexandra. She was walking home with her groceries and we helped her and then shared a lesson about the Plan de Salvation. Well we came back yesterday between all the commotion and she had been reading and praying!!! Also she opened up and said that before we had helped her she had been praying to God for someone to help her in her life!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! Well thanks for all the birthday wishes and prayers and everything!!!!!
Con Amor


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