Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Week 6 In Paipote!!!!!!

Buenas!!!! It´s been quite a normal week here in Chile. Its been real hot here in Paipote the past few days. Expecially around 4 which is when we head out to work!! Entonces if we don´t have a cita at 4 that day, its gonna be long. But things havent been to bad and it cools down and gets pretty chilly around 9. Not really much else this week. I cant belive how comfortable im starting to get with Spanish. Its quite a milagro of how the Lord helps those that are in his service.


 We´ve really been trying to help our investigators progress this past week. Things such as making and keeping compromisos (dont know how to spell it in english) with investigators is so critical with them. If people dont do that, they´re not making those small changes in their lives that help them repent and progress towards baptism. Thats what the Atonement is. Repenting and making changes in your life so that you can qualify and be digno of the blessings of the Lord. Dont have much time this week but I wish the best to all!


Con amor



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