Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #10

Week 4 in Paipote

Buenas!!! It´s been a good week here in Chile. It´s been a little hotter but not to bad. Spanish is going pretty well. Mi compañero and I have committed to talk more in spanish during the day. Alot of people are still on vacation which makes things a little tough. We also only had 23 people in church yesterday. Things are a lot different from in the States but its all good. Sadly our Hermano William won´t be getting baptized this sabado. He drove all night from working in the mines to try to make it to church but had to pitstop and sleep. Esta bien, he still has a strong desire for baptism so we´ll just need to wait til Marco. 

Being a missionary, one simple thing I´ve learned is to just be happy. It´s not really hard not to be. You might have to walk all day, your appointments might fall through, but guess what? I have a knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesucristo. También, I get to share this knowledge with others. This is quite applicable for anyone. You will have challenges and problems in life, but you also have a loving Padre Celestial. Who you can pray to, Who can help lift your spirit. As a missionary, we make commitment with personas. One we do all the time is oracion (prayer). It is such a simple action but can have such an impact. Think of José Smith. He had one simple prayer and it´s changed the world. I invite all to alway remember to pray, no matter how small or big. Also just be happy, life's to short not to be. Love you all and I am so grateful for any email you send.

Con Amor,


Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #9

Week 3 in Paipote!!!


It has been quite a week here in Chile!!! A lot of people are on vacation since is summer here there was like 30 people in church yesterday but is okay since we had five investigators show up. My trainer is so awesome and very patient with me trying to learn Spanish. It´s starting to get a little hot here since its summer but its nothing compared to Arizona. I haven't really talked about some of our investigators so I will this time.

William is a super awesome, humble man. Here in Northern Chile, people work in the mines for 4 days, then 4 days off, or however many days really, but it rotates like that. Well two weeks ago he said he wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. So we looked at his work schedule and with how many asistencias he needed for church, he´s decided to get baptized on the 31st this month!!!!!! We are all very excited for him.

We have also found this man named Manuel. He really has been prepared to be a member of this church for quite some time. But how we found him is interesting. We were coming home to the pension and it was about 10:20, ((Chile is awesome because we get to get up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:30) plus it doesn't get dark here till about 9:30) and we walking back to our pension. And some guy said in English, "hey, come here, I want to talk to you". In a short story this is Manuel. A man who knows English pretty well, has lived in Utah, seen Gordon B. Hinckley, has a piece of the Salt Lake Temple, and has also held the clothes and diary of Joseph Smith when he was killed. Not to mention he had been reading Howard W. Hunter¨s book before we met him. He knows so much about the gospel already and hopefully he will get baptized soon.

The last investigator I want to mention is Karla. It was divine intervention from Heavenly Father that we met her. We were on the wrong street looking for a contact and we decided let¨s knock on this door to see if they know the people we were looking for. And boom, we found Karla. She is such a capa, (Spanish for stud) she speaks perfect English, is totally receptive to what we say and has a fecha for the beginning of Marco when she gets back for vacation. We are super excited for her.

The people here in Chile are pretty cool and makes the work just a little easier. I love hearing for everyone and hope you all are doing good.

Con armor,


Monday, January 11, 2016

Week # 8

Buenas! Thing´s are going great! Elder Fuller is the bomb and is such a great trainer for me. Our sector we have is huge but we try to get to it all. We pretty much walk everywhere unless we have a cita with a member. We suprisingly have found 2 ingles speakers and it helps with my spanish. Everyday it gets mejor. I could talk about alot of things but I´ll keep it short.

I just want say that Padre Celestial does answer prayers. Each day we pray for a milagro ( miricle, not sure how to spell it in english..) and guess what, I cannot think of a day that we havent. whether is was huge or small we have had one each day.

I´m so excited to see the Lords hand in his work as I continue the next 22 months.

Con Amor, 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #7

It´s been quite a blast this almost first week! I can´t belive its almost been a week here....I feel the misión might go by fast.....just means I got to work as hard as I can. Elder Fuller is awesome. He´s from Utah but I don´t hold that against him. He knows so much spanish and has been coaching me well. Teaching me all the Chilean slang....since the seasons are backwards right now is basically summer break. So lots of people go south to Santiago or whatever. So in Martes(Tuesday), we have a few baptisms planned. We´ve have alot of Fechas(baptism dates) set we just need these people to attend church! It´s just like Arizona here. Copiapó is one of the greener places. Yo estoy moy animo y feliz estar aquí en Chile(I am very encouraged and happy to be here in Chile )!!!!!Can´t wait for primero bautismal( First bapism)!!!! Kinda short on time since there was a lot of things we had to do this first P-day, but next week I should have more time. Off to a Cita (an appointment).

Con amor,

Elder Eagar