Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #16

Week 10 in Paipote!!!

Oh my it´s been such a great week!!!!! Not much really exciting happened at the beginning of the week besides the usual missionary stuff like teaching and preaching but of my the end of the week was amazing!!!!! I had my first baptism!!! Karla, who we´ve been teaching since about the beginning of my time here was baptized this past Saturday!!! It´s been quite awesome to actually be part of this whole progress. We found her one day looking on the wrong street for someone, later we found out she speaks English and after spending a lot of time teaching, preparing, and waiting for summer vacation to end she was baptized!!! Its been quite a ride!!! We are so excited for her and the decision shes made. We are also pretty pumped for our other 4 baptisms this month!!!

Leading up to her baptism, there was a lot of adversity. Everyday I face adversity as a missionary. Nearly the whole time leading up to the baptism, except for the last 5 mins or so, there was just one thing after the other. Another obstical, another challenge. But the whole time I just had to keep reminding myself that things will workout, that the Lord was going to provide a way. And he did. He will always provide a way for us in this life. When we follow his commandments, we have his promise that he will help us. No tengo ninguna duda. 

Con Amor,


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