Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #19

Week 13 in Paipote!!!!

Oh my its been a wild week!!! First off Elder Fuller has some infection going on near his throat so he´s been on medication and stuff that's taken a lot out of him, so a lot of our week was him resting and trying to get better. But on Tuesday, William was baptized!!!!!! It was great and the pila bautismal (font) overflowed so that was fun cleaning up!! Then Thursday, Roberto and Lorena got married!!!!! It was awesome plus they had a lot of food afterwards. Then Saturday, Alfredo, Roberto and Lorena, and Jaime were baptized!!!!!!! It was so awesome!!!!!! Plus on Sunday, the men were able to receive there sacerdocio(Priesthood) !!!!!!! Its been awesome to see these people progress spiritually and to see the impact of the gospel en there lives! Don't have much time this week but I have plenty of pictures!!! 

Con Amor,


 Clean up of the Font!

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