Monday, November 21, 2016


First week in Mejillones ( Meh-e-yo-nehs) !!!!! Happy Halloween!!


Man I got a lot to say for this week!! First off this area that I´m in is just dope!! Its about an hour outside of Antofagasta and its basically a small port-city! Its real cool cause we just always see the ocean and there's always a nice cool breeze going!! Plus its just has like a cool vibe here! I'm in a branch again and I really like it! This past Sunday was interesting since there was only 25 people there and I had to teach Gospel Principles, bless the sacrament, and give a 15 min talk for sacrament!! I really like this area because it has something called, tomas. This is my first sector with them but they´re awesome! You find some of the most humble people in the tomas. So basically what they are is that there is just a bunch of desert here so people just build house out of what they can find. Extra plywood, palates, tin, and that's about it with a cement floor. We focus most of our work there and as of right now we have about 10 people with baptismal dates in just the tomas!!! This past week was intense because I believe it was the first time in my mission that we put a baptismal date just about each day we worked!!! We also found about 20 new people to teach which was just great!!!

As for my companion Elder Sheridan, he´s a great dude! He works hard and has a great desire for this work! Hes from California but lives in Texas now. Hes a strait-up baller in basketball! He´ll be playing for Illinois Tech after the mission! I´m also living with two other elders, Elder Santos and Elder Recca! E´ Santos is from Brazil and is the old assistant to the president who will be finishing up his mission here I think. E´ Recca is a super cool dude from Hawaii!!! He´s huge! But I love him since he is always sharing food! At times our pension is crazy but its great!!

Hopefully we´ll be having a couple baptisms this weekend but for the month of October our mission had 118 baptisms!!!! something that hasn't happened for a long time!!! So everyone is pretty happy in the mission!!!

Well I´ll be attaching some cool pictures today along with some of the awesome people I left in Arica!! Thank you for everything and til next week!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar


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