Monday, December 26, 2016

Week #54

Week 5 in Mejillones!!!!!

Hola mis queridos!! 

This past week we had alot of success here in Mejillones!! This place is the promised land!!!! This past week we had the baptism of Brayan and Yamileth!!!! It was super awesome!!!! This week her brother and mom will be getting baptized too!!! We´re really excited for them!!! We have really seen alot of blessings here because of our faith and obedience I believe. 

I don't have much time today but I want to tell a cool story before I go! The past week we found a cool family that at first we really didn't know what would happen with them or if they were really interested. Well Sunday morning when we went to look for them for church and when we asked them if they wanted to go, they were like ¨yeah, we´ll go to church with you¨!!!! And they did!!!!! So after church we stopped by there house and asked them if they want to get baptized and they said yes!!! So today we´re gonna stop by and see if they want to do it this saturday!!!! They´re very special and I feel that they are ¨escogido del Señor¨!! 

Well we have alot of work ahead of us this week because this Friday we´ll know if someone will go, yes transfers are coming..... Love you all and hope you have a very good week!!
 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

P-Day BBQ on the Beach!

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