Monday, December 26, 2016

Wk #55

Week 6 in Mejillones!!!!!

This past week was just spectacular!!!!!!! We had a lot of success in Mejillones and we saw the blessings of our hard work!!!! Saturday we had the baptism of 5 of our investigators!!!!!!! Then sunday another one got baptized!!!! All in all it was just a great weekend!!!!! Elder Sheridan and I really have seen many miracles and blessings during our time here in Mejillones! But this transfer just ended and Elder Sheridan will be leaving.... he´s going to Calama to be a district leader and a trainer!!!!! Im real excited for him and I know he has a good future ahead of him in the mission!! My new companion will be Elder Clark!!!! I new him in Arica and we should have a fun time ahead of us!!!!! I dont have much time to write this week since our computer time has been shortened to an hour now but till next week!!

--  Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

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