Monday, December 26, 2016

Wk #58

Week 9 in Mejillones!!!

First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I did, it was quite an interesting week! It was actually pretty difficult in the terms of doing missionary work! A lot of people have started heading out for vacations and with the holidays it can be real tuff! But its all good and there's still a ton of stuff to do! But Friday was quite fun while we had a Christmas devotional with the mission president and his family! It was real good plus we had ice-cream and a movie!!!!! We saw The Croods! It was fun to watch! Our baptism for this week fell through, some stuff happened in her family and it just didn't go through... but everything is still good! Other than that Skyping was great yesterday!! Thank you to those that we´re there and it was wonderful to talk to you!!!

Something I want to share real quick is something that our mission president shared with us on Friday. Some of what he was talking about is that in life we make new beginnings. We start something new like leaving to serve on a mission, or making the choice to be baptized, getting married, big choices like that. Times when we make crucial changes in our lives for the better. And that afterwards when everything is said and done, we cant turn back. We cant go back to what we used to be. Everything that we have accomplished up to this moment can´t be in vain. So this being the last week of 2016, I want to invite everyone to look back on what you´ve done the past year. See what changes have happened and see what needs to improve. In life we make mistakes, but when we choose to follow Christ, and use His atonement. We can make changes and become better, and once we do that, we cant look back. We got to keep going and pushing forward so we don't fall back again. Les espero una semana buena con mucho amor y cariƱo!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
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