Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week #59 and #60

Week 10 and 11 in Mejillones!


Well its been a couple weeks since I´ve sent out a big one but allot has happened the last two weeks!!! First off, new years was great! we had a lot of fun us 4 Elder´s in Mejillones! Besides that I don't remember much of what happened two weeks ago! But this past week was great! Last Monday we had an ´Olympics´ with President and his family since our zone had the most baptisms in December!! (22!) Then, once a month, our president of our mission has a meeting with his leaders in the mission. This past one I was invited to it and it was quite awesome!! I got to see Elder Montgomery and Sheridan! (The two elders I trained!) Those guys are such studs. With that, it makes me a little anxious for transfers which will happen this Friday! Other than that this past week was full of a bunch of fun stuff and exciting moments! With so many, I just want to share one real quick!

So we have a family that we´ve been teaching now for several weeks. There names are Miguel, Teresa, and her daughter Yiseña. They are a really awesome family from Peru that have been fun to teach. At the beginning when we first started teaching Teresa she was a little stiff, trying to share stuff and teach was a little difficult and actually one of my companions said we should just move on to other investigators since she wasn't progressing as fast. I was like, "nah" there's hope. And this past Sunday her and her family came to church!! And her "pareja", (boyfriend, who is miguel) had the ganas to get up during fast and testimony and share what he had felt as we have been teaching him!!!! It was just spectacular to have that happen and see how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is working in this man, and for him to share his feelings about repentance! It truly is a blessing to help people and teach them about repentance as a missionary. To see lives changed and my own, is something I cant even describe. And when the people make these changes and except Christ in there lives, the next step is baptism. Something that I love sharing, teaching, preaching, and doing! All I have is these next 10 months to do it and that ain´t much time. Pero hay que aprovechar el tiempo!!!! Hope you all have a good week and remember the tender mercies of the Lord! Con Amor,

 Élder Grant Arthur Eagar

"Without the Redeemer, [our] inherent hope and joy evaporate, and repentance becomes simply miserable behavior modification. But by exercising faith in Him, we become converted to His ability and willingness to forgive sin."
"The reach of the Savior’s Atonement is infinite in breadth and depth, for you and for me. But it will never be imposed on us. … Repentance is a choice."
—Dale G. Renlund

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