Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #43

Week 12 in Valle Azapa!!!!

Very interesting week! Really the beginning of the week was very normal, nothing very interesting happened. Until Friday..... Well once a month other missionaries that are our leaders come to inspect our pension and see if we are cleaning are our house isnt a mess. Well they forgot to mention to us that the president of the mission would come to do it personaly..... so I had gottten out of the shower and I was putting on my socks while I was in my underwear looking out the window when I saw a car pull up across the street, about 30 yards away. I figured, "yeah, it must be them in a taxi" so I continued putting on my socks but when I looked up again, I saw none other, than our president getting out of the car.... I really belive I broke a world record in "How Fast Can You Get Dressed". Actually afterwards my companion and I related this experience to Star Wars when Han and Leah walk in on Lando Calrissian (AKA Zone Leaders) with Darth Vader (President)!!!! Well President was quite apaled with our house to say the least.... ( he wouldnt let his wife enter the bathroom) and so you all know it has nothing to do with our cleanliness, just that the house is super old and falling apart!! So due to this it is quite possible we will be changing houses in the next few weeks... Im not to excited about it but Im fine with it. Also, the district Im in pretty much disolved so next transfer as I finish up the training with Elder Montgomery, I wont have to deal with the responsabilities of District leader, something that is somewhat nice.

Well this past week was great as far as the work!! Lot of help from the members and we had a activity with the ward which awesome since a good bit of members showed up and all of them said its one of best they have had!! (we did a Jeopardy with the scriptures) Also a lot of people we've been working with are getting more and more ready and I feel that as we finish up these next 6 weeks in Arica we'll be seeing many fruits from our labors!!!

Love you all and take care!!!!!

Con mucho amor,


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