Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #42

Week 11 in Valle Azapa!!!!! (Gran bendiciones!!!Great Blessings)


Man!!!! One of the greatest weeks!!! So many blessings this week!!!! Its crazy how much missionaries are loved!!! To start it off last Monday one of our members did a surprise Family Home Evening with one of her neighbors which was great since we had nothing to do! Tuesday was great because during an exchange with Elder Vannatter, we had a lesson with Bastian ( a teenager that has been assisting the church here for like a month) and all of his family!! His mom is ¨catholic¨ ( just like every other chileno) but is totally fine with him and possibly even her daughter to be baptized and members!!! But it was very interesting during the lesson because she was showing more interest and asking questions than Bastian!! Entonces, ¡¡HAY BAUTISMO!! (Then, There's a Baptism)

Wendsday was a regular day but thursday, the heavens opened up and literally poured us blessings!!! To give some backstory, when I first got her to Arica our house didnt have hot water. So for the past 70 days or so its been very difficult to get up in the morning and carry on in the work. Well the reason why was do to the fact that a plummer, came and did an ¨inspection¨ on our califont (basically a 6 liter boxed water heater) and said it had a problem to where it was just better to buy a new one. Even worse is that our mission office doesn't have contact with the owner of our house so we have basically been stuck with this problem due to that. Well after resurfacing problems with the office and owner and also being sick of cold water, I decided to be like Nephi when his bow broke and I did my own ¨inspection¨. After borrowing some tools and half an hour I found a broken wire, the cause of so much suffering, in the califont. We found a replacement and there was much rejoicing Thursday along with shouts of ¡¡¡AGUA CALIENTE( Hot Water)!!! in Arica Chile!!! After that the week just got better as I recieved a package from home which was spectacularly filled con mucho cariƱo y goodies!!!!!!(with Love and Goodies!!)

So I really want to testify that the Lord knows each of His children. The past while I´ve really been struggling or really just in a plateau and the Lord has just really shown his love. And this love is for each and everyone of us and especially more when we fight to keep his commandments and guard our covenants we´ve made with him. I know this church is true and hope you all can really see and recieve all the blessings the Father has in store for you this week!

Con Amor,

"Don't camouflage who you are and what you believe. If others know what you believe, you will influence them for good. They will protect you."

—Quentin L. Cook

 Hand got in the way of fixing the hot water heater!
 Package from home!
 Letter from Mom!
 Fish Hook Tie Tack!
 Favorite Cereal!
 Favorite snacks!
 New PJ's
 Favorite Candy!
Letters from cousins!

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