Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #41

Week 10 in Valle Azapa!!!!!!!

Hola mis queridos!!!!!!!!

Well we had a great day this past week!!!!! We were able to find so really cool people that are truly ready to hear the gospel!!!!! I can really say we saw the Lords hand this past week in the sense of him guiding us in what to say and where to go!!!!! Insiration rocks!!!! Such a testimony builder for me!! Well today we went to the beach and played fĂștbol!!!!  Badnews, I got sunburnt pretty bad..... Elder Montgomery and I are starting to click now in the work so things are coming along great and things feel alot more smooth in what we do which is great. He really is a great example for me, he is super obedient to the point where he evens fastens his seatbelt in the taxis and stuff hahaha!!! Its great!! really gives me ganas (dont know what this is in english) to be even more obedient!! 

I really dont have much time to tell specific stories (something I´m bad at mentioning and sharing) but this past week another elder gave me over a 160 different talks from profets and apostles all the way back the the 60s and more and they´re awesome!!!! I incurage you all that this week you listen to a talk or other stuff from the profets and learn from the Lords mouthpieces!!!

Con Amor,

"Work hard to achieve your dreams. Don’t let discouragement or mistakes delay you. Move outside your comfort zones. Push yourselves. Expect more. You can move beyond the limitations set by ordinary men. Don’t let the low standards and expectations of the world and others cause you to aim beneath your nobility and ability—dream big!"

—Elaine S. Dalton

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