Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #47

Week 16 in Valle Azapa!!!

Hola mis queridos!!!!

This past week was just spectacular!!!! Doing missionary work is just great!!! This past week we just put our shoulder to the wheel and killed it!!!! With our new mission president, our expectations as a mission has really been exceled!! So Elder Montgomery with his awesome newbie energy and I just worked our tails off until Sunday until we were just exhausted physically and mentally! Its a great feeling as a missionary!!

Well Bastian was baptized Saturday!!! It was awesome since he asked me to do it!! Even better a ton of his family and friends came to see it so half the people in the service weren't even members!!! I guess that's how it should be!! But it really was a special experience since that same day was the funeral of Grandma Goodman (my great grandma), so technically I has able to witness the funeral of the 'sinful life' of someone and see him enter into the beautiful saving covenant of baptism!!!!!!! 

Well all I can say from after this week is that the work of the Lord is just incredible, very tiring but so worth it after seeing, feeling, and being a part of bringing others unto the knowledge of there Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve and it's just ridiculous how fast it fly's by!! Hopefully this week we'll have another baptism of an old lady who is 75 years old!!! Its gonna be fun!!

Thank for all the love and support from everyone and I hope you all have a good week!!!  

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

I got tired of seeing everyone play Pokemon go, so I decided to play real-life Pokemon go!!! I was able to catch a squirtle and a pidgey!!!!

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