Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week #4

Wow, time fly´s when you´re serving the Lord! Things are going well here at the CCM. The weather here is comparable to Arizona during the winter. Cold in the morning but nice and warm by the afternoon. This past week we had 78 people leave, which was half the CCM. So right now its pretty empty with less than 80 missionaries here. Our zone has pretty much dissolved with us being the only district left. It feels real empty here. In other news, using Spanish is just coming with time. I´ve been trying to improve my grammar so I don´t sound like an idiot when I talk. Spanish is different to English in a few ways but also easier since you don´t have to use many in-between-words if you understand what I´m saying. My district is still awesome, we feel like we´ve known each other for years, since we see each other all the time. We´re getting really excited to leave to our missions but we know we´ll miss each other. Other than that life just goes on here at the CCM...

For a spiritual reflection...this past week there was a couple things I had been praying and looking for to have, or receive an answer to. Well while reading in the scriptures in the morning the spirit was overwhelming and I received what I was looking for. And I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. That as you search and read the scriptures it allows for personal revelation to come. And most importantly it allows you to come closer to Christ. 

I´m grateful for all the love, support, and prayers! I hope to hear more from y'all!!!

Love EE

Beautiful Sunsets

 @ CCM

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