Monday, December 28, 2015

Elder on the Move....

Well today Elder Eagar heads to Antofagasta, Chile. He will be leaving the CCM around 3pm today and have a nine hour flight to Santiago Chile. From there he will then board a smaller plane and fly from Santiago Chile up to Antofagasta. That flight should only be  2 hours. He then will report to the Mission President. Some where down the line we should either be getting a phone call or email to tell of his arrival to his mission.

Elder Eagar called on Christmas. He sounded so good. He is loving his time at the CCM but is so excited to leave and meet new people in his mission.  As the mom of course, I cried a bit but I was so impress with how his testimony has grown and how he has turned into such an amazing young man. I have always been so proud to be able to call him my son. This new adventure is just icing on the cake. Love that boy of mine so much!

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