Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week #34

Week 3 in Valle de Azapa!!!


Last week was a blast!!!!!! There has been some very strange weather here for the past while! Last week we woke up and it was orange outside!! There was a huge dust storm that made it almost impossible to see outside!! It was so bad the mission president called and we couldnt leave the house til about 6 in the afternoon. Plus the next night is somewhat sprinkled!!! Que loco. Yesterday we had our "Get to know each other" with the new president which was  great!! He is awesome and I feel he will really help this mission and we´ll see lots of success! Also today was a great day. Since our pday had a special change to a tuesday because of the meeting....I was able to find a INDIO PÍCARO!!!!! My whole mission I´ve been looking for one and The Lord really blesses those that are doing his work!!! For those of you that dont know what an indio pícaro is, I´ll show you when I get home! 

I dont have alot of time this week to write more but I love each and everyone of you and pray for the best for you all!!!!

Con amor, 

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