Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #37

Week 6 in Valle de Azapa!!!!!!!! with transfers!!!!!


Oh my it was a great week!!!!!!!! I really don't remember what happened at the beginning because this weekend was crazy!!!! To give some information about the mission, every 6 weeks there is transfers and the assistants to the president call us Saturday. Well this transfer they called us Friday in the night, right before we go to bed!! So what happened is that I was in bed sleeping while Elder Mendoza was doing some art thing in the study room. So when they called he comes running in telling me the assistant are calling and was like yeah right and I kept sleeping even when i could hear there voice on speaker!!! So what happened is that Elder Mendoza left today but is still here in Arica but the other stake. As for me, I will have the privilege of being a PAPITO!!!!!!!!!!!! what that means is that tomorrow I leave in a bus to go to Antofagasta to pick up my new companion!!! My companion will be a newbie and I don't know who or what he is until Wednesday!!!!! So for the next 12 weeks I´ll be training this guy on how to be a missionary!!!! Its gonna be super fun!!! Not much else, pretty much the highlight of the week and also congratulations Caroline for your baptism!!!!!!!

-Con Mucho Amor,

"At its core, pride is a sin of comparison, for though it usually begins with “Look how wonderful I am and what great things I have done,” it always seems to end with “Therefore, I am better than you.” When our hearts are filled with pride, we commit a grave sin, for we violate the two great commandments. Instead of worshipping God and loving our neighbor, we reveal the real object of our worship and love—the image we see in the mirror."

—Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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