Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #22

Week 16!!! in Paipote!

Wow!! Crazy week! My companion Elder Fuller is doing very well. He still has a lump on his neck but he returns to the good old USA next month so he can get plastic surgery if he wants! This last week was very interesting, we had to go to the clínica (Clinic) pretty much every other day which really ate into our working time. But the Lord still helped us and it wasn't a bad week at all. Also Saturday we had a mini-MTC activity for the jóvenes(Young) here in Copiapo! It was a cool experience to teach these kids! Also I ate some horse/donkey jerky this week too. Wasn't seasoned very well so I didn't like it to much. Also  Saturday night I got super sick from eating some street food I thing but I threw it up and I was better. 

Yesterday was quite and awesome day! As we were walking to the church a man was sitting outside so we invited him so come in. Turns out he had just moved from Santiago the day before and remembered this church from when he was younger and had played fútbol(Football)there. Well he had been through some rough patches in his life and actually broke some addictions because of his daughters. But he has still been looking for something more. So yesterday we taught him Lesson 3 which is the  Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invited him to be baptized. In the church during gospel principles! And he excepted it for the 7th of May!!!! So I've just been very grateful at the blessings of the Lord the past while. Here's a great story to illustrate this....

Never stop pushing
One day the Lord commanded a young man to push a giant rock, then being obedient, the young man did as the Lord commanded him and started pushing with all his might. He pushed and pushed but the rock did not move. For the young man being discouraged and thinking about giving up. Satan told to him to surrender, to live the quiet life with him and to stop wasting your time, but the boy knew what the Lord had commanded him, and then he wanted to move the rock. But the rock never moved.
At the end his life without succeeding in moving the rock, the man cried to the Lord saying "I did what you told me, I pushed the rock, but I could not move it." The man thought "I'm a failure."  The Lord said to the man, "But look at your progress. You have big arms and big legs and now your spirit is much stronger because of all your efforts. You are very wrong. I asked you to push, not for you to move the rock. What I asked you to do your best, and you did. Now, I will move that rock, And never stop pushing!

Such a great long as we obey and give our all, the Lord will do the rest.

Con mucho amor,


Also I found a Hawaiian shirt today which has been a highlight!!!

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