Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week #23

Week 17 in Paipote!!


This past week was pretty great!!! Cool story that happened last Monday was that some little punk kids that were being chanta with us and so we just kept walking away from them. Well being little punks they started throwing rocks at us. But none of them hit us!!! It was pretty cool, felt like we were Samuel the Lamanite or something!!! Also had an inter-cambio with Elder Johnson and it was pretty successful! Plus we put another fecha bautismal this week so ojala we will have 3 baptisms the end of this cambio!!! Also Elder Fuller is getting very close to dying, which is sad but I´m excited for him!!! 

Last week we had an awesome lesson with Bryan who I talked about last week. His ´girlfriend´ who is a recent convert showed up randomly during our lesson, I don´t have enough time to give good detail but we had a video and we were´nt sure to show it at first but we played it. And in short, it was such a huge spiritual experience for us all, in the end, we were all crying and just speechless. It really strengthened my testimony and gave more purpose to my calling as a missionary.

Love you all and hope all is well with you.

Con Amor,


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