Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week #27



Wow, its great to be a missionary!!! It is awesome to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to proclaim his gospel!! This past week was great!! Elder Ruiz and I put on our pants and got to work!!! As of right now we are helping 5 people progress towards their goal of baptism. One of them, which will be this saturday, we are super excited for and very grateful for the blessings of the Lord!! Elder Ruiz is a stud and its great having a chileno as a companion since they`re good at talking with other chilenos!!!

Cool experience, yesterday we had a lesson with Marta. She is the sister of Roberto whom him and his wife are converts of almost two months. Well at the begginning of the lessons I didnt really feel like things were clicking in my brain and my overall teaching abilities. Well I did what I usually do while we`re teaching. I said a pray in my heart that we could teach Marta what she needed. And then soon after I just felt like my mind was open, I could feel and hear the impressions of spirit and we taught her what she needed. Most of all, she felt the spirit and so did we. Thats one of the most crucial elements in this work. Teaching by the Spirit. And I know this is the work of the Lord and things are done by his will. I know that he answers prayers. And I know there is nothing better that I could be doing at this point of my life. 

Les quiero muchísimo,


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