Sunday, February 19, 2017


Week 15 in Mejillones!!
Hey fam!!

Great week! This week we changed pension where we are living and our new place is so much better! I love it! Things are going good in our sector. During this part of the year most people go on vacation so productivity goes down but we are managing where we are at! My companion Elder Kirk is super great! He's super funny and great to work with.

Real quick, I want to share a cool experience that happened this past week. We have an investigator that is super cool. One of my first weeks we found her and we've been teaching her for 3 months now. Recently after one of her family members got baptized, she gained the desire to be baptized. ( she always has but wanted to take more time) But with some different circumstances, she cant right now. So One day we explained to her about fasting and prayer, so after several days when she got back from work we went to her house to have a lesson. During it she told us that she had been fasting for 3 DAYS!!!! Only drinking water! She said she had the prompting to do it and for 3 days! Now some of the obstacles that have been stopping her from being baptized are resolving and she now has the baptismal date for the 18th this month!!!!!! Its been so great to see the progress in her and I cant wait to see here get baptized! I hope you all have a good week and that the Lord blesses you!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

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