Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week #72

Week 23 in Mejillones !!!!!!


Been a good week!!! Lots of things going on!!!!! The conference was great!!!! This past week I had an interview with a lady named Vivianna and her son Jesus!!! They will be getting baptized this week! I'm excited for the elders in my district since these past few weeks have been a little rough but now they are seeing the fruits of their labors!!!! The conference was just great this past week and I would like to share something I really liked:

In Elder Rasband's talk, he talked about the Spirit. I believe in the lives of everyone, they want to feel the spirit more and they want to be able to recognize the promptings of it. This talk was just perfect outlining what we have to do to be able to use the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives and recognize it. I don't have a lot of time to share everything, but I would like to testify of the power of the Holy Ghost and that it is real. I have felt strong impressions of it in my life and it is God`s way of showing His love to us. I testify if everyone can put a stronger effort to feel this in their lives that you will be blessed with the powers of Heaven and know what God wants for you. I hope you all to have a great week! Love,

Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
Our zone, general conference, and my toe nail that fell off....

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