Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week #74

Week 1 in La Pampa!

Hey, hey!!!

This past week was awesome!!!! This sector is just awesome! I´ve been loving the past week! 
 First off, my comp, Elder Wheelwright is a stud, its great working with him! He really takes alot off the load since he´s got some time in the mission and can work real well! My past few comps they have been in there first few weeks to months as a missionary so its been quite a breath of fresh air here working with him in this sector! We have a ton of really good people here to teach and this past week we found 20 or so new people that we´ll be help this and the coming weeks! This week we will be having the baptism of 2 people, one named Carlos who we found last week and another of a man named Angel! They both are really special people especially Angel, for the past year from what I understand, he has been working with the missionaries to get baptized. One of these challenges is that during the past 3 months, he lost the ability to walk. He is a man with a ton of faith and this weekend he will finally make the step towards baptism!!!!! We are super excited for him and Carlos. More than anything, this past week was to get to know people and the sector. I know the next few months here will be great and that the Lord will pour out many blessings. I hope you all have an great week!!!!
 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

"Faith as a principle of power comes from a consistent pattern of obedient behavior and attitudes. Personal righteousness is a choice. Faith is a gift from God, and one possessed of it can receive enormous spiritual power."
—Kevin W. Pearson

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