Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week #69

Week 20 in Mejillones!!!! (Pescadores de Hombres y Pescados ;)

Whats Up!?!!?

Been a good week here!!! This past weeks I had a couple of exchanges with other elders!! Both are from Colombia, one is called Elder Molina and the other Elder CastaƱeda!! It was great being with them!!!! Learned alot and we had alot of success!! We had 4 people come to church on sunday so we´ll be working with them to get baptized this month!!!!! One family that is super awesome is this single mom and her two daughters!! They came to church this sunday just out of no where but we´re working with them to be able to recieve there salvation this month!!!! Other than that we had a good pday here!!! We went fishing and piled in 22 fishes!!!!! Looks like I havent gotten rusty while I´ve been fishing for salvation!!!! Hope ya´ll have a good week!!! 

Mucho amor,​

        Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

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