Monday, July 3, 2017

Week #79

Week 6 in La Pampa!!!!!

Hey hey!!!

How ya´ll doing? Things are going good here in Chile!! The nights are getting colder which is real good since the heat is just miserable. Last week went very well!!! Elder Wheelwright and I will be staying together for the next 6 weeks which should be fun!!!! Also in our district no one changed which is nice since we got a nice group of guys here! This past week was wonderful since we had 4 investigators in church!! Its real hard here in la pampa since the church is pretty far from the sector, and its hard to motivate people to take there time to go across town but we´re getting things done with the branches help!!!!

This week we will have the baptism of Ricardo!!!! He´s a super cool guy from Bolivia that's been listening to us for the past while. We´re really excited for him and his decision! Also in the district we should have 4 other baptisms!!!!!! Its gonna be a real fun weekend and everyone is excited!!!!! We´ve been seeing alot of blessing being poured out here the past few weeks and I can really see that things are done in the Lords timing according to His will. I know he lives and that this is his work. Hope you all have a good week!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar
"With all my capacity I encourage you to discover who you really are. I invite you to look beyond the daily routine of life. I urge you to discern through the Spirit your divinely given capacities. I exhort you to prayerfully make worthy choices that will lead you to realize your full potential."
—Richard G. Scott
P.S.. My comp taught me how to juggle saturday and I wanted to send a video of me juggling but I didnt have enough time to download it, next week! 

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