Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #86

Week 13 in La Pampa!


We had a good week!!! Lots of super cool people that we found this past week! It was a total of 18 people all of which have alot of potential!!! My comp and I have been trying this new thing for finding people. We first start of with a prayer, then we write down about 10 different street blocks in our sector and we then compare with each other and see if we have any that are the same. The ones that are the same, we go and knock every door on that block. We usually do this in the morning since its super slow and not a whole lot of people are in the streets and stuff. So one day we did this last week and after knocking about amost all the doors on two blocks we found this guy named Brayan. He´s super cool and should be getting baptized this month after he gets back from Bolivia!!!!

Other than that each day is quite fun. Elder Wheelwright is a super fun and we get along very well. This week should be quite interesting and hopefully we start to see more success the coming weeks! Take care!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

"We are children of Almighty God. He is our Father, He loves us, and He has a plan for us. We are not here in this life just to waste our time, grow old, and die. God wants us to grow and achieve our potential. In the words of President Thomas S. Monson: “Each of you, single or married, regardless of age, has the opportunity to learn and to grow. Expand your knowledge, both intellectual and spiritual, to the full stature of your divine potential” 

—Carlos A. Godoy

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