Monday, July 3, 2017

Week #83

Week 10 in Alto Hospicio!!!! Milagros Baby!!!!

Oh man, I dont know how to start this one off......

First off, I just have to express my gratitude to our Heavenly Father for his many blessings and mercies He pours out upon us. This week was one of those. I`m first gonna start out a small story with a lady named Margarita. Shes a sweet old lady of 56 that lives by herself. She suffers from diabetes and the loss of her left leg, but has an unquenchable faith in God! So we contacted this lady in the street the 9th of June. We returned back to her house on the 13 (last Tuesday) to teach her. And during this she told us that she had been praying to God for spiritual help and that that day ( the 9th) when we contacted her, it was an answer to her prayer. The next day she had her baptismal interview and decided to be baptized this Sunday (yesterday). After that we had different lessons with the Branch President and other members and yesterday she was baptized!!!!! It was a super cool experience to help this lady and see and experience the joy in her!!! We feel really blessed for these blessings and I know that there are more to come!!!!

Also in our district we had 3 other baptism of a family!!!! It was also a miracle that they got baptized but thats another story!!! It was cool since I got to baptize the wife and she was pregnant!!!! 2 at once!!!! But other than that things are going good here in Chile!!! The weather is great this time of the year, and not much to complain about! Hope you all have a great week!!!!

 Elder Grant Arthur Eagar

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